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The pursuit of family history tends to be shaped by several motivations, including the desire to carve out a place for one's family in the larger historical picture, a sense of responsibility to preserve the past for future generations, and a sense of self-satisfaction in accurate storytelling.

If we are to preserve the information for future generations we must gather and document the information already known.



Hello and welcome to my family tree web site.

My name is Robert and I decided to try and trace my family history, to keep track of all the dates, events and photographs that will be needed to build up some sort of portfolio I thought it would be easier if this was done on the internet, this would make it easier for my family and friends to help me build..
The Thompson Family Tree.

So far with the assistance of family members we have been able to trace our family history back to our...
  Great-Great-Great-Grandfather George Thompson who was born in Ireland.
This being the first entry on the family tree I am beginning to get excited at the prospect of taking this journey back in time and hopefully find some interesting information along the way.

I will now try and piece together this jigsaw and hopefully build it in such a way that family and friends will be able to understand, and will appreciate the picture as the pieces are put in place.

As I have stated above the farthest back we have been able to go so far, is my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather..George Thompson, he married Margaret McCaig, unfortunately at this time I don't have any information about them, I'm sure something will turn up with further research.
The next entry is our
Great-Great-Grandfather..Robert Thompson he married Ann McMurray,and they had 11 children, (4 Girls and 7 Boys) no family allowance payments in those days, that must have been hard going bringing up this size of family.

I won't go into detail about their names and dates of birth here all will be explained on the following pages, I will try to keep to the names that have the direct link in our family tree.

My next entry is our  Great-Grandfather James Thompson  he was also born in Ireland in 1873, He married Mary Higgins and they had 8 children (2 Girls and 6 Boys), again names and dates of birth are on the following pages.

My next entry is our  Grandfather Robert Thompson  born 1896, in Hamilton. Our Grandfather married Elizabeth McCord 31st March 1922 and they had 3 Sons, names and dates of birth are on the following pages.

My next entry is my Father Henry McCord Thompson born in Mothertwell in 1923, he married my mother Martha Caskie Dunn, they had 5 children (2 Girls and 3 Boys), again details of names and dates of birth are on the following pages.

Over the coming months and probably years I will try my best to add to this family tree and keep it updated, if any member of the family would like to help by adding more information and help me build this tree, please feel at liberty to do so, I would be deeply grateful for your assistance.

You can contact me at the following email address:- 



Hello Everybody Glad You Could Join Me